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Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Reported Blogs "Under Review" by Google Blogger and closed to viewers:

Cute Gay Guys
Boytoy Toyboy
The Shadow Angle
Raspberry Fruit Cake
Gay Hot
Celebrating the Young Male Body
Oral Visualization
Gay Sex Forum
The Ugly Land
Big Black Dick
Lads Largin It
Al Maschile
Entre Machitos
Club Gay 888
Max's Dorm
The Wild Ramblings

Please leave a comment or send me an email if you know of other gay blogs which have been locked as "Under Review" byGoogle Blogger.



Geeky Wanker said...

My blog Geeky Wanker got shut down by Google Blogger last week!

It was at www.geekywankersblog.blogspot.com


Anonymous said...

Oops, meant to post it in alphabetical order:

1. A-1 Galleries
2. Al Maschile
3. All Masculine Male
4. Alternative
5. Amars World
6. Amateurs From Everywhere 2
7. Amateurs From Everywhere
8. Andrea's New Life
9. Balloons
10. Bambi Boyz
11. Bananahammock Boys
12. Barefoot Male
13. Be Naked Everywhere
14. Big Black Dick
15. Blond Twinks
16. Blonde Twinks
17. Bottom Boy
18. Boy Park
19. Boy Oh Boi
20. BoyBoy
21. Boytoy Toyboy
22. Brats and Punks
23. Bry's Blue Boys
24. Buff Boi
25. Butch's Teen & Twink Blog
26. Casperfan
27. Celebrating the Young Male Body
28. Chubby Man Place, the
29. Club Gay 888
30. COnn3ction
31. Cute Boys
32. Cute Gay Guys
33. Daddy's Bad Boys
34. Daddy's Bad Boys 2
35. Daily Slab, the
36. Entre Machitos
37. Famous like me
38. FlipFlopBoys
39. Foot Frenzy
40. For The Love Of Male Butts
41. Gallery Boyz
42. Gay Sex Forum
43. Gay Teen Guys
44. Gay Rimming Ass
45. Gay Hot
46. Gay Park
47. Gay Fotos Group
48. Gomez Patchouly
49. Hammer Vice
50. Hammer's Twinks
51. Handsome Devils
52. Hench Guyz
53. Hot Boy Skin
54. Hot Boy Cam Skin
55. Hottest Pics of Boys on Flickr, the
56. Hunboy88-2
57. Jackoff Material
58. Jeff's Place
59. Jesse's Sexy Celebs
60. Lads Largin It
61. Like It Or Not
62. Loving Penetration
63. Macho Sexy
64. Male Model Mayhem
65. Malice In Wonderland
66. Mature Man Place
67. Max's Dorm
68. Mirgem Perfeita
69. My Spabo
70. Nearly Perfect
71. New Keith Kats
72. Oink Central
73. One Man's Pleasure
74. Oral Visualization
75. Perhaps
76. Premium Boy Blog
77. Pure Pig Boy
78. Raspberry Fruit Cake
79. RedHead Boys
80. Ruggedly Handsome
81. Sean's Wet Dreams
82. Shadow Angle, the
83. Shaved and Proud
84. Simple Boy Sex
85. Sports and Spanking
86. Strip Me Down
87. Teen Boy Beauty
88. The Ugly Land
89. Timeey's Dream
90. Tom's Gay Planet
91. Too Sexy Boys
92. Topper's Bottom Bois
93. Twink Town
94. Unruly Dude
95. Videos For Men
96. Wallpaper For the Gay Eye
97. Wild Ramblings, the
98. Woofmen
99. Zach's Room
100. Zephyr-Files

Anonymous said...

Brats and Punks is back at http://knn211.nibblebit.com/ but still a work in progress.

Anonymous said...

Wanker, I will report the closing of your blog.

Anonymous said...

Daddy K, I will report the opening of your blog! Great to see!

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