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Friday, August 21, 2009


Reported Blogs "Under Review" by Google Blogger and closed to viewers:
Hot Boy Skin
Buff Boi
Premium Boy Blog
Nearly Perfect
New Keith Kats

Please leave a comment or send me an email if you know of other gay blogs which have been locked as "Under Review" byGoogle Blogger.



FlipFlopsBoy said...

I heard from Buff about his blog...sorry to lose Keith, and all the others...

This has really gotten out of hand. Have they changed the policy that there are to be NO adult blogs? Or gay blogs?

kent0000 said...


For The Love Of Male Butts
Like It Or Not
Male Model Mayhem
Handsome Devils,
Sean’s Wet Dreams
Toppers Bottom Bois
Zach’s Room
Bambi Boyz
Malice in Wonderland
Boy Park
Gay Park

Of these, Male Model Mayhem is the most alarming. It was not porn and had no kids, but did have some nudes. The majority of posts were fashion shots from ads and magazines. Has anyone heard where it's gone?

BTW, while For The Love Of Male Butts was shut down, For The Love Of Boy Butts (which hadn't had any new posts for a while) wasn't.

Nil Street said...

C0nn3ction has been closed too. Now I miss my chocolate (men) fix.

FlipFlopsBoy said...

I guess this is just not going to end until we are all gone...

I am trying to get something together...in the meantime, I am at flipflopsinexile.blogspot.com

I am sure they will find me and delete me eventually...but I at least now have back ups...

www.gayparadox.com said...

The blogs I liked the most were Premium Boy Blog and Hot Boy Skin. Total shame those have both been sent to google hell. I know premium moved to live.com but I wonder how long it'll be before these other hosts start deleting everyone.

I have been threatened several times by a few random idiots for copyright violations on my blog but they refuse to comply with our copyright policy. I think you guys should also use the legal copyright policies to protect yourselves. Most likely its a mix of porn and copyright which is why blogger is on the hunt for random photo/video blogs like all of yours.

I wish everyone the best of luck and if any of you want to exchange links, im all for it. Just visit my blogs contact page and let me know. I have been keeping the links up to date.

Nil Street said...

Has anybody tried to backup their blog, cancel the blog then re-register that same name? I'm saying that because Buff's blog under the address unrulydude.blogspot.com has first been put under evaluation. Was it Blogger that closed it definitively I don't know, but now the exact same address is now available for a brand new blog. I don't know but if the blog has been flagged down by common users, chances are that they won't be back at the same spot since the blog has already been closed.

acs said...

The whole issue really revolves around the fact that Blogger (Google) offers space for free, and in turn makes rules that we must follow. It doesn't matter if we think the rules suck (and they DO!) and it doesn't matter if we object (and we DO!), it's Google's servers and space and they can do whatever the hell they want.

Yeah, that wreaks havoc with trying to put together a decent blog that attracts readers with like interests. Tough luck for us, but that is the reality of the internet. Someone ultimately owns the space or bandwidth we use; and free speech is not a law that applies to privately owned bandwidth. So let's stop bitching so much and wasting our breath and time - and move forward to finding places like nibblebit and other adult-friendly hosting sites.

SirPercy said...

Add to the list:
ruggedlyhandsome, dailyslab, and allmasculinemale.

For sure it's the porn industry. They're mad as hornets that there is so much free porn out there, and the economy has forced them to do something about it. Understandable... and depressing...

Jeff said...

Nil Street: Google Blogger shuts the blog down for violation of the Terms of Service. The owner of the blog can still enter his blog but no viewers can enter. If the owner deletes the blog, a short while later the blog address is announced as available and the same or a different person can start to use it. All one needs to do is go through the registration process for that particular URL.

Keep in mind, the URL address can different from the blog title.


Jeff said...

acs, you are totally correct! Although I take exception with part of the last sentence, you are right on target. I will be using your comment as a post.


Nil Street said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nil Street said...

Hi Jeff, that's why I asked if it was possible at all while the blog is under evaluation to shut down the blog, which would make it available, then re-register the URL instead of waiting the whole pseudo procedure that will never get your URL back anyway, since Gobble has the reputation not to review the blogs (all part of their hypocritical rhetoric). If it works, then it would be a waste of time waiting for Blogger.

Jeff said...

Nil..I understand. It certainly is possible to delete a blog if it is under investigation. Just make sure you back it up first if you want to import it to another Blogger blog. I know it works. The new blog staying open, if it is on blogger. One of mine lasted two weeks before it was locked out again.


Jeff said...

FFB, I don't think the policy has changed. I have no proof that Google Blogger is even trying to get rid of gay blogs. After all, any administrator can just follow the blogroll links and lock out each gay blog he/she comes to. At the moment, there are plenty of gay blogs open on Google Blogger. There is probably a reason, or reasons, many of us have been locked out yet Blogger remains silent as to why. We were never even given a chance to change or delete whatever Blogger objected to. This is their choice not to work with us. It is our choice to try to outsmart Blogger (good luck!) or migrate on to a more friendly site. Well, that's my opinion, anyway.


Anonymous said...

Add this one to the list (it seems to have been deleted completely, as in ... the name no longer exists):


Anonymous said...

add to the list:
1) Gus CE Clips - http://gus-ce.blogspot.com/
2) Asterix - http://asterix-17.blogspot.com
3) Facials and cum eating - http://cumtastik.blogspot.com/

Jeff said...

Anon of 2:33 PM - Unless Google Blogger has locked the blog, I don't list it. I want to be accurate with my list of blogs which have been locked. It is possible the blogger deleted his blog.

Jeff said...

@Anon of 3:09 Thanks, I have added them to the list and they will be posted.

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