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Saturday, August 22, 2009

One blogger is having difficulty exporting his blog from Blogger.  Can anyone give him some advice which may help?  I tried exporting (copying) my blocked blog this morning and had no difficulty.  I suggested he turn on his pop-up blocker.  Please leave a comment if you have experienced problem, or if you know how to get around this problem.  The blogger below is referring to my post of 8/20 which gives instructions on how to back up your blog.

"I'm having a problem with this method of exporting Blogs. I tried it twice with one of my Blogs, and the Export Blog command under settings took me to a page with a command for Download Blog. When I hit Download Blog, it didn't give me an xml file containing all my Blog content. Instead it gave me some kind of gaming system called Big Bang 4 in a Row that shuts down as soon as it is opened. What's going on here? Is anyone else experiencing this? What can be done about it? Is Blogger somehow preventing people from exporting their Blogs, and shilling for this weird gaming program that doesn't seem to work?"


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