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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Wise advice from a seasoned blogger:

"It is getting to the point I cannot keep up with the new blog links when one closes. I cannot stress it enough to all of you to buy a cheap domain name from godaddy, go and visit hostgator and download wordpress. Play around with it and you will see it is easy to use and setup. You guys wont have to worry about losing your blogs and all of your hard work. You can even get hostgator hosting for 1 cent for the first month! Look into it guys because the other blog hosts will start doing the same thing blogger is doing. Im even willing to help you guys setup your blogs since im pissed they keep deleting gay blogs! Do not setup a blog with wordpress.com as they will delete you. Go and visit wordpress.org. "

As one of my fav bloggers, and you know who you are DB, recently posted:  Why do we choose to bang our heads against the wall?


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