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Saturday, August 15, 2009


Reported Blogs "Under Review" by Google Blogger and closed to viewers:

Tom's Gay Planet
Wallpaper For the Gay Eye
Be Naked Everywhere

Please leave a comment or send me an email if you know of other gay blogs which have been locked as "Under Review" byGoogle Blogger.



Anonymous said...

I'd sure hate to see your blog closed. Sorry to see that they shut down "Be Naked Everywhere." I think they may have issues with blogs that have links to pay-for porn sites (a no-no in their terms of service) and with pictures that might promote illegal activities (such as exhibitionism on public transport, etc.).

Jeff said...

Excellent point.

I just wish Google Blogger would tell me how I violated the Terms of Service and also tell me if I have an opportunity to correct it and go on with my blog.

Blogger is all too mysterious and non-communicative. They say they will review the appeal in 48 hours, but I have indication that the first review from August 4th was ever done.

Your two specific points are excellent! Thanks for your input!


fawkesee said...

"The Mature Man Place!" and "The Chubby Man Place" have both been clsoed down. I hardly see how either could be considered anything but about adult gay men.

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