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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Dear Folks at Blogger,

Why don't you grow a pair of balls and start acting like a man?

You locked my blog, Daddy's Bad Boys, and offered an appeal process.  I appealed and never heard from you.  To date I have appealed four (4) times and have never heard from you.  How can I possibly correct any violation of the TOS if you don't tell me how and where I violated them?

I am a reasonable man.  If you can lock my blog, can't you tell me what I can do to get my blog unlocked?  If you provide me with information that is specific to my blog, I can choose to correct it or stay locked.  By not providing me with specific information you prohibit me from working with you.  You leave me in the dark wondering how I violated the TOS.  Two weeks ago I deleted everything from my blog except a picture of a very cute puppy dog.  Two appeals later my blog is still locked.  By any possible rational standard, you are acting like a child.

I request you review my blog.  After your review please either unlock it or tell me how this post of a puppy dog violates the TOS.  According to my 4th appeal, I received the following computerized notice:

Request Received

We have received your request for a review to verify that your blog complies with the terms of service. Someone will look over your blog and respond to (my email address)

I have received this notice four times, yet I have never received an email from you.  Please consider the following recommendation:

Follow through on the contents of your notice, specifically, look over my blog AND respond to me.  
Change your notice to read:

Request Received

We have received your request for a review to verify that your blog complies with the terms of service. Our appeals process is a facade.  No one will look over your blog nor will anyone communicate with you.  We hold all the cards and you, dear blogger, are shit out of luck!

I remain, kneeling, beating my chest and loudly proclaiming for all the world to hear, "Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa!",


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