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Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Reported Blogs "Under Review" by Google Blogger and closed to viewers:

001 Hot as Fuck
Gay Daily Hot
Hunk Jewels
I Want To Smell His Pits
Boys Kneeling

Please leave a comment or send me an email if you know of other gay blogs which have been locked as "Under Review" byGoogle Blogger.



Anonymous said...

We also lost Definition of a Man (http://defineaman.blogspot.com/) today.

Anonymous said...

Am I missing something? It appears to me that NO one who has been locked-out has reappeared, at least back on Blogspot. Has that been the blogger's choice; or, like you, Jeff, has Blogspot simply chosen to ignore these folks' requests for reviews -- keeping them locked indefinately (aka: forever)?

Anonymous said...

I believe this blog was unlocked after beeing locked out:

Anonymous said...

(back up here: http://casperfan.nibblebit.com)

Phaedrus said...

This one's on it's way out too: http://kokanesplayground.blogspot.com/
Not sure what was on it, but found a link today and tried to go there. Looks like a whole scale massacre going on.

Jeff said...

@ Anon 9/1/09 8:02PM Thanks, I'll have this posted today.

Jeff said...

@ Phaedrus Thanks, I'll have this posted toady.

Jeff said...

@ the Anon's above: I believe one or two blogs have re-opened. I have no direct reports that this is actually the case, however. If Google Blogger locks a blog out, all the blog owner has to do is copy his blog to his hard drive, delete the blog, and in a few minutes the blog address is available to anyone to use via the usual registration process. Therefore, any blogger who has his blog locked can delete it and in a few minutes get the same URL back. That is very different from Blogger actually reviewing a blocked blog and unlocking it.

If anyone has had a blog unlocked by Google Blogger as a result of an appeal, please contact me. I still would like to know if anyone has ever had a blog unlocked by Google Blogger.


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