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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Is anyone willing to open a Yahoo Group for all those interested in discussing the gay blogs closed by Google/Blogger?

If so, once you open it let me know and I will advertise it here.

I will not have the time to comb through all the messages so I still need you to send me an email or a comment on this site of gay Google/Blogger blogs which have changed status. As always, I will need the NAME of the blog as well as the blog's ADDRESS.

It sure would be nice if everyone had a place to discuss this issue.



TFG said...

I would be happy to open a Group, but I don't know if I'd really have the time to moderate/update it much.

Brent said...

OH Jeff, What a Brilliant, Brilliant Idea!!! I’m going to but this one on the back burner for now and see what happens and if no one else starts up a Yahoo Blog Support Group, then I will and it will NOT be just be for Gay Blogs, but it will be for ALL BLOGS on ALL BLOG SERVICES, whether they are a blog owner to help each other exchange ideas and “How-Does” with each other, but also for blog fans to keep up to date with their favorite blogs and where they are at now! The best part about of all this is Google would have no control over a Yahoo Group and I’m sure Yahoo would love seeing such a GROUP sharing ideas how to over come what Google is doing! I don’t really have to time to take on a task like this, but this would be such a great service to so many, if is doesn’t get done then I will find the time!!! Thanks Jeff for planting such a wonderful seed, hoping someone does run with this one!!! Brent of Brent’s Male Wallpapers!!!

Brent said...

Hey Jeff And All Blogger’s…GREAT NEWS…We may just not Need A Yahoo Support Group After ALL!!! Best Male Blogs Dot Com is NOW HOSTING FREE ADULT BLOGS!!! Guess they got tired of having to do so my up-dates on their web site with so many Google Blogs being closed and/or removed that they started their own free blog hosting service for all of us!!!! They are using Wordpress 3.0 format and you at check it out at….


This is going to give Google some second thoughts when so many Blogs start to switching over to this Great Service that is Gay Friendly for sure!!!!

Your Friend Brent, owner of Brent’s Male Wallpapers

Jeff said...

TGF, I don't think the Yahoo Group needs to be moderated. I believe, but am not sure, that it can be free flowing and unmoderated. I would suggest that people must become a member instead of having it open to just anyone who stumbles across it.

Ralph said...

I just subscribed to www.bestmalediaries.com . I only want to read the material there as voyeur, and do not wish to start a blog. I find there is nothing there, and no links. Perhaps I didn't understand how this site works.

Brent said...

Hi Ralph, the only reason one needs to subscribe to “Best Male Diaries” is to either create a blog or to be able to log in and leave a comment on some Best Male Diaries Blog’s that require you to be “Logged In” to Best Male Diaries.

The best bet for you to find a blog for reading material as a voyeur will be at www.bestmaleblogs.com and then choose the topic of your liking!

Hoping this information is a help to you and others.
()()( Brent )()()

Ralph said...

To Brent, thanks for your helpful response to my question.

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