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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

From Brent:

Hi Once Again Guys, This a follow up to Jeff’s original Posting Above that I submitted to him, for I have just learned that Best Male Blogs Dot Com, that has been listing many of our Blogs, that has been bring more and more traffic to our Blogs each day is NOW HOSTING FREE ADULT GAY BLOGS!!! Guessing they got tired of having to do so many up-dates on their web site of “Best Male Blogs” with so many Google Blogs being closed or removed that they started their own free blog hosting service for all of us!!!! ((( Big, Big Smile ))) They are using Wordpress 3.0 format and you at check it out at….

This is going to give Google some second thoughts when so many Blogs start to switching over to this Great Service that is Gay Friendly for sure and their Advertiser's starting say why should we be Advertising HERE!!!! And once you setup a Blog here, you can import all your current Postings from Your Google Blog right into your New Blog HERE! Or just maybe you will want it at least as Twin Blog just encase Google does SHUT YOU DOWN!!!

Your Wallpaper Buddy in California, USA

That is just trying to HELP in anyway I can!

()()()( Brent )()()()


Rob said...


Do they have any kind of directory so that we can see what they might have re-established?

BTW, your blog is awesome!

Jeff said...

Rob, when someone reports a blog has re-opened, it is posted here.

Trickle Down BS said...

I just signed up just in case...I find it a little difficult to navigate but eventually, if I get shut down I will learn.
thanks a lot for all you do and all your help

Rob said...

Tumblr.com has some excellent blogs and the layout is nice.

Rob said...


Shouldn't there be a mirror of this site someplace else? This could go away as well!

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