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Friday, September 9, 2011

Thanks from Xavier at UOM0

Brent and I received this e-mail from the owner of UOM0.  You should check out his very hot blog before Google/Blogger closes it down.

Daddy Jeff and Brent
Thanks friends for your guidance on blogs in google.
all friends UOM0
my blog: http://uom0.blogspot.com/

Excuse my EnglishI hardly speak.

 Xavier, we are happy to help and thank you for your e-mail.  We never shy away from a compliment.
Your blogging buddies, Jeff & Brent


Anonymous said...

Jeff/Brent, Do you know if the Counter of Shame is working. That figure of 1,830 seems to have been there for quite a while now. I was sure we were about to hit 2,000.

Dee. (Beauty Hunter).

Brent said...

Dee, The "Counter Of Shame" is hosted by Steve, the owner of HAWT Blog and a very Dear Friend of Ours and He currently isn't able to get on the Net as often as He would like to because of Oh So Many other things going on in His life right now, but I'm sure He will get around to getting it up-dated soon, so not to worry!!! Your Blogger Buddy (Brent)

H A W T Blog said...

Sorry about that Dee, and thanks Brent :) xo

Anonymous said...

There's a reason why they're shutting blogs down. Blogger is not the place for porn! I'm actually happy that they are shutting those blogs down.

Daddy Jeff said...

Anon - actually Blogger LOVES porn - as long as you have the adult warning sign up. You actually have no idea what you are talking about. If you want a site that doesn't allow porn, go to one of your fascist sites, probably church run, where you may remain porn-free!

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