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Friday, October 14, 2011


The Lightbox Saga

The Lightbox effect, which Google/Blogger added to every blog without getting any input from users, is still alive and well.  It has a tendency to go on and off but is still on Blogger blogs.  The last I have found,  a high up volunteer in the Google Help Forum, after hundreds and hundreds of complaints, offered to pass the suggestion of making Lightbox an option to the Engineering Team.  That was back on September 16th.  Other than closing blogs down, Google is not known for doing anything quickly.

Therefore, you may see the Lightbox effect go on and off.  Who knows when Google will offer an option for it.  In the mean time, refer to our post which tells you how to kill it:
News Flash Guys... Just in 10/14...  LightBox is now a Switchable Feature From Your Dashboard....You will find the switch on the New Dashboard under "Settings/Posts and Comments/Posts......If you use this switch, Jeff's code to turn it off is not needed......


Anonymous said...


if you do not like the lightbox you can switch it off:

go to your dashboard (old style design) oben >settings< and then >formate<

set "open images in Lightbox" on NO.
That`s all

If you are using the ugly new Blogger dashboard interface you must look yourself where this option is hidden.


Skilled4Men said...

For those who may have missed it, Google has made lightbox completely optional for all users. The option to enable/disable is available on the new dashboard as well, under "Settings" -then "Posts and Comments". Blogger Buzz featured a Lightbox Update providing specific details...


Hope that helps to ease some frustrations! Best 2 All!!!

Daddy Jeff said...

Jack & Skilled - thanks for this info. Brent is doing a newsflash and I will do a separate post. Great news!

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