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Thursday, December 29, 2011

DOJ (NOT the Department of Justice) MEDIA closes again. Transcript of it's video

The video posted by DOJmedia.com (NOT the Department of Justice) has been taken down.  We will do our best to get a copy and post it here.  In the mean time, we have a transcript of the video.

B=Brent speaking
J=Jeff speaking

scene:  2 cartoon characters sitting on a train with a dining table between them and scenery moving by through the window along side of them.

B:  Hi, my name is Brent….
J:  ….and my name is Jeff
B:  Together we run a fabulous blog that reports deleted blogs and false information on the internet. 
J:  We really just want to be famous and oh-so popular.
B:  We will be popular, Jeff.  Don’t worry, my boy, we are helping oh so many innocent blogs and only seeing more and more get deleted each week.
J:  I know we will.  That is why I went on the internet and made up lies about this (DOJmedia.com) web site.  I never bothered looking at the FAQ because facts are for smart people that like to know the truth.  I just wanted to have a hissy fit and get others to believe the bull shit I was piping.
B:  That is why we run our super fabulous oh-so-gay blog.  We have no real chance of actually getting laid so we protect other blogs posting porn so we can jack off all day and night long.
J:  I like to call myself Daddy Jeff because when I was in school I got hot looking at the other guys in the shower and got my ass kicked every day.  Now I can be safe and nude in my gay chair and make other blogs  bashing this (DOJmedia.com) site so I can become super popular and look at naked men all day.
B:  Who are you kidding?  Daddy Jeff doesn’t fit you at all.  But I want to be popular with the other gay guys so I’ll go along with it.  I am used to being other people’s side-kick.
J:  That’s why we get along oh so well, Brent.  You are my perfect blogger butt buddy.  I wish so badly you didn’t live on the other side of the country.  We could  look at gay porn all day and jerk off together in my chair.
B:  It is sad, Jeff, but instead we will continue to make oh so many wonderful blogging updates, and continue to post trash on the internet about this (DOJmedia.com) web site.  We have no real lives so we will keep updating our fabulous gay blog each time another gets shut down by Google.
J:  Yes Brent, we will keep doing what we do best.  We haven’t figured it out yet, but when we are done saving Gay blogs from being deleted we will talk shit about this (DOJmedia.com) web site so we can keep our rants going and help other gay perverts bust a nut.
B:  I love the way you think, Jeff.  Now, let’s get back to blogging more false bull shit on the internet and than go into our master list of blogs so we have an excuse to look at nude men and jerk off.
J:  But Brent, this train is making me horny and I haven’t ever been laid before.  Would you like to turn off the camera and maybe touch my little two-inch penis?
B:  I am old and gross so I would never turn down a chance of touching a real penis.  That beats looking at gay nude wall-papers and putting them on my personal blog.  Until next time, my name is Brent…
J:  …and my name is Daddy Jeff.
B:  Together, we make THE BRENT AND JEFF SHOW.   We will keep posting bull shit and lies for your personal pleasure. Now, come here so I can make you scream your name, “DADDY!”

1 comment:

Gideon said...


I laughed my ass off!

As funny as that was the message is far from funny.

It just proves you never know who is behind the name we see online.

I like to think people are inherently good but that is only 50% true. They are also inherently evil.

When we in the Gay File Sharing Community are singled out and punished in a disproportionate way we need to speak up.

If we had statistics on the total number of Straight Blogs vs Gay Blogs and the ratio of take-downs between the two sets I think all of us would be shocked into the realization that a hidden agenda is at work.

It reminds me of something one of the Straight contestants on the TV show 'Survivor' said just before a Gay contestant was unanimously voted out of the game: "We're just cuttin' out the cancer" - that is how we are viewed by vast numbers of so-called Straight people (mostly religious fanatics of all faiths).

It's enough to make me wish we still had our Pride Parades all on the same Sunday after Father's Day in June the way it was and should still be. I will never get over how we have abandoned those who fought for our rights back in the days of Stonewall and for decades after. I feel that we have lost our cohesiveness. We have lost our unity. We are in danger of losing our identity and our political clout.

Thank you 'Daddy Jeff' and 'Uncle Brent'...


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