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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Back up lesson and drill!

All this information is located in the right side-bar under Need Some Help?  On How To......

However, enough time has passed for this to be a post again.  If you've never backed up your Google/Blogger blog, learn how to do so and back up every time you make a change.  If you haven't backed up in a while, do it now.

Log into your blog's Dashboard:
Under Blog name==>Settings

Settings==>Export Blog==>Download Blog==>Complete Save As and Location==>Enter

If you have more than one blog I recommend you type blog's name before the Save As blog date, and if you backup more than once a day I recommend putting a time of day after Save As date.
Some computers have the download default location as desktop, I prefer using Downloads as my location.
It is not necessary to save prior blog backups so I recommend you delete old backups.

If you have never done a back up of your blog, do it now.  Don't be afraid - you will do absolutely no damage to your blog.  It will be just as you left it.

When Google/Blogger closes your blog down, open a new blog as usual:

Under Settings==>Import A Blog==>Choose your back up file==>Complete Word Verification==>Click Automatically publish imported posts==>Import blog

You can even practice what it's like.  Open a new blog and try importing your backed up blog.  If you've never done this before you'll see just how easy it is - and so much faster than going through the Volunteers who run the Blogger Help Forum.
If you choose the Help Forum, which previously I always recommended because I otherwise knew I would be deemed a trouble maker and the Gods of Google do not like trouble makers!  You will be required to read article after article written to assuage every volunteer's guilt over the knowledge just how many blogs are closed for absolutely no good reason.  These articles are also meant to brainwash you into believing that this is the best Google can do.  Anyway, I digress.  After reading all these articles, you will be required to return to your Help Forum thread, with head held low, and admit you have completed the reading assignment.  (Reports have surfaced that some people lie on this point, but I would never recommend that!)  If you are properly attired in sackcloth and ashes when you return to your thread, you may NOW request a review of your blog.  A Top Contributor will add your blog to a very long list of blogs which need to be reviewed by the Gods of Google.  (In my opinion, the Gods are slower than Hell for two reasons:  one, they are grossly understaffed, and two, Google hopes so much time will pass that you will loose all desire to blog and you will fade into another realm.)  However, if you insist on a Google Blogger blog, you need to learn the options they give you.

Questions or problems?  Let us know.

Keep on bloggin',
Jeff & Brent

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