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Saturday, January 28, 2012

USA Department Of Justice Comes Under Fire For Taking Down Megaupload!

As More and More Are Speaking Out Against The Taking Down Of Megaupload By The USA Department Of Justice, For They Are Now Coming Under Fire For Being "The Prosecutor", "The Judge" And "The Jury", All Rolled Into ONE, And Closing Web Sites Down Without Due Process Of Law!

And While This May Appear To A Lot Of You Just Like What Google Has Been Doing For Years Now With Oh So Many Blogs, This One Is Different Only Because Bloggers Opening Up Free Blog(s) Through The Free Blogger Google/Blogger System Do NOT Have The Same Due Process Of Law Afforded To Them When It Comes To Google Closing A Blog, As Those On The Internet With Their Own Domain.  For Google Has Its Own Terms Of Service And It Also Has The Right To Close Any Blog For Any Reason Of Their Choosing!!!
However, Megaupload Dot Com Wasn't Being Hosted By Google, It Was Just A Web Site On The Internet And Because Of This, There Has Been So, So Many Write Ups On This Story On The Internet and News Reports On The Evening News.
So Here Are A Few Of My Personal Favorites That I Found That I Think Sums Things Up Best.  First Is "Megaupload Takedown: The Real Meaning" By The (Washington's Blog).  Next Is, Which I Thought Was Even More Revealing And That Is "Was Megaupload takedown in response to Kim Dotcom’s upcoming iTunes competitor?" By (Geek.com).  Both are well worth reading, and both well, well said on some insight on what is REALLY going on with the War about SOPA & PIPA!!!
And Last Is This Video From The Evening News, "The Young Turks with Cenk Uygur" From Current TV.  Just one of so many Evening News Reporters saying the same thing about this story.
With All this said, Here is...
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Sado Pictures (Re-opened)
Super Dotados G (Removed)#7
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UNKNOWN said...

This blog and the USDOJ posts have been forwarded. You are on the verge of playing a very dangerous game with the United States Government.

Daddy Jeff said...

Dear UNKNOWN, I hope you sent my picture, too, 'cause I think Eric Holder is kind of cute. Maybe he would like to visit my other site and become one of my Bad Boys!

BTW,get a life, YOU STUPID TWIT!!!

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