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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Cyber Wars!!! Spammers Slow Down The Internet/Close Down Google???

Well Blogger Buddies, don't know about You, but I'm hoping this current Cyber War between the Spammers and those that are trying to stop them ends soon!!!  For it sure is taking a toll on the entire Internet for all of Us for sure!!!  And has even made it's way into Nightly News Headlines here in the USA!!!  And while reported by C|NET which is reporting, "Reports of a virtual attack on a spam-fighting organization say the events brought down most of the Web, but new reports suggest it was blown out of proportion."  For the full story on this and a video clip from CBS News, click (Here). (Note: Found this via a Bing Search, not Google Search) 

Well sorry to say to all those News Reporting Agents, you are SIMPLE WRONG!!!  For they sure are taking a toll on the Internet and especially toward Google THEMSELVES and Google Blogs!!! Let me give You Guys a couple of examples of what I'm trying to example to You and those News Reporting Agents that are reporting this was blown out of proportion!!!

Example #1. Tom, a long, long time Google Blogger and the author of "Furboi's Hot Men" that does several Posting Daily To His Google Blog posted on His Blog on April 2nd, "Sorry GOOGLE Blogger problems... Will resume posting as soon as they resolve their issues. Good time to review the past postings you may have missed. -Tom", As can be seen by clicking (Here).  All Tom could do was post a "Text" Posting to His long time Blog Fans on Google that day, for He was unable to upload any photos to what He wanted to post to His Blog Fans because of current problems on Google because of the Cyber Attacks!!

Example #2. A Week ago Friday, April 5th, between 3:00PM PST and 6:00PM PST here in California, many of the Google Services where off line to Me!!! All of the Google Blogs were no longer available to me, not to mention Our Blog's Dashboard in which I was trying to work off of for my Saturday morning April 6th posting for all of You!!!  The Google Blogger Help Forum was also no longer available, And Not even Google's Home Page via of Google Chrome was available to me, has shown here....

But what was surprising to me was that G-mail was still available to me, along with Picasa which is hosting all My Wallpapers on My WordPress Blogs on "Best Male Diaries" and NibbleBit!!!

So news to You Reporting News Agents, You simply got this one WRONG!!!  For something was going on, is going on and YET I COULDN'T FIND ONE WORD about this from Google themselves!!!!  DA!!!  Doesn't surprise Me at all!!!  And Jeff & I would like to apologize to all of You that have been and are Visiting Our Blog and seeing some of Our "Third Party" Gadget's not being available on Our Blog because of this War, like "E-Referrer"!!!  But the Google Blogger Platform only allows so much time for a "Third Party" Gadget Web Site to be opened and when it fails to do so, it is simply by-passed!!!  All We can do is wait this one out and see who wins this War???  And with this said and sorry to say, here is some more Blogs, more than likely innocent Blogs that have suffered, from what has been reported to Us that Google has closed during this current WAR of Spammers...
Our New Listing(s) for April 13, 2013
gooclips (Removed)
Loads of Muscle (Removed)
Lumbering Jacks (Removed)
MGay Love {MGL} (Removed)
Nudeteria (Re-opened)
pinky sharing (Removed)
Pinoy Kabarkads (Removed)
Pria Punya Selera (Removed)#3
PXT Collections (Removed)
semut.nakal (Removed)#4
Senior Bulge (Removed again)
SUPER G PLUS (Removed)
trashboi (Removed)
#1 English Translation (Story Gay Indonesia Sehati) Of An Indonesian Blog
#2 English Translation (Pinoy Videos, Images, Stories and More ..) Of A Filipino Blog
#3 English Translation (Men Have a taste) Of An Indonesian Blog
#4 English Translation (ant naughty) Of An Indonesian Blog
Today's Listings were supplied to Us by, Alejandro, Alex, Crespin, Dylan, Enriqueta, Future (A Blog Owner) @ F U T U R E,  Hunter, Jaden, Landon, Nathaniel, Oswaldo, Paulino, Sean, Seth,Trevor, Wyatt, Xavier and (3) other Unknown (Blog Followers) that did not want their names highlight. And We Thank ALL OF YOU Guys for taking the time to sharing what You know with US so That All of Us Know The Same!!!
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Skilled4Men said...

"Frustrating!" to say the least!! What you elude to though -I think not limited to The Internet... Cell Phone/Mobile Towers.. Cable, Wireless Infrastructure... All have noticed down times, lapses, and periodic outages of late -due to (Me thinks) intervention into bolstering security, and fending off random cyber attacks from God knows where!
Where's that logo... Keep Calm! ...This too shall pass! Some platforms are being more aggressive than others -maybe in an effort to limit liability. Perhaps I'm too generous, patient, or kind.. yielding them the benefit of the doubt! Hang in there guys!!

Brent said...

Hey Skilled4Men, thanks for the additional information. Hoping between this posting and your comment this will be of help to many. Your Blogger Buddy Always, (Brent)

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