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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Please Stand By

Hey Blog Fans and Blog Buddies, first of all I apologize for not getting a Posting done last Wednesday, but you see I have been without my computer all week.  Went to start it up Monday morning and it wouldn't start up at all, not even in "Safe Mode".  So took into the repair shop and to make a long story short, come to find out it was one of the boards that had gone bad.  Anyway, just got it back late yesterday afternoon and while it is up and running once again and I'm able to get on line, I still need to install all my programs and restore all my data files, picture etc. etc. etc. from my backups before I'm back up and fully running once again, so that is why I'm asking all of you to please stand by and hoping I can get everything done this weekend and for those that have e-mailed me, get your e-mails answered also. Ok? Ok. And thanks for understanding.  Mean while, enjoy all the links in the "Re-Opened" and "Supporter" Sections.
Your Blogger Buddy Always, Brent
PS: Oh, just one more thing, I have just added a new Supporter to Section #1, hoping you have the time to check it out. 

1 comment:

BigOne4U said...

Hey Brent, been there, got the tee shirt(s) on this one, the best of luck on getting everything restored and thank you for letting all of us know what is going. BigOne4U

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