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Saturday, December 14, 2013


Yes Blogger Fans, ever since Yahoo purchased the "Tumblr" Blogging Platform, it has always been highly speculated that Yahoo would be closing Gay Blogs, like they did/do with Yahoo Gay Groups and just like Google is doing, and while I'm sorry to say that speculation appears to have come to an end!!!  For I just received this e-mail from the Blog Owner Of "Ethic Men", which still has His Blog on Google, but once had a Blog on Tumblr till last week that read, and I might add, English is not his native language and is in somewhat broken English, but I was able to understand what He was saying, so I let it stand as is as it read...  

Hi Brent, I just write to you to tell that Tumblr has started to close gay blogs, with the excuse...
That violates some toes in relation with affiliates programs posts, however, when I open the blog in the toes that I agree nothing of that appear, for these reason and because Google closes gay blogs too I enjoy Tumblr. But this is like a persecution against gay community. An all this without and advert to eliminate posts or to fix that were wrong. Please if you could inform this in your blog I will appreciate.
This is a list of tumblrs blogs (mine and that I follow ) I found closes suddenly
Ethnic Men, 
Macho Hunk, www.totalmachohunk.tumblr.com
Sporty Boy, www.mysportyboy.tumblr.com
My Own Private Locker Room, www.myownprivatelockerroom.tumblr.com (here re open www.myownprivatelockerroom2.tumblr.com)
Spy Cam Dude,
www.spycamdude.tumblr.com (here re-open www.spycamdude2.tumblr.com)
Best Wishes To You, Ethnic Man!!!  

Well Guys, it appears that Yahoo/Tumblr is now starting to remove Gay Blogs also, but just not in such a bold way has Google does!!!  For when you click on a REMOVED Tumblr Blog, this is all you see...

For it appears that they have several ways of saying the same thing and Yet Yahoo/Tumblr Doesn't Even Have The Balls TO SAY THAT THEY HAVE REMOVED THE BLOG!!!  Just That You Have Made A Mistake!!  Well to me, that is even one step lower than GOOGLE!!!  And I Thought Google Was the lowest!!!  Yahoo, You have proven me wrong!!!  So Guys, when You see one of the above for your favorite Tumblr Blogs, it's not because the Blog Author As Given Up, it's only because Yahoo Gave Up On Them!!!     

And while I have no PLANS on adding CLOSED Tumblr Blogs to this Blog, nor wish to, nor Opening A New Blog By The Name of "Yahoo/Tumblr Closes Gay Blogs" either on this service or on the Tumblr Service or any other Service, but for Any One That Is Wanting TO, Please feel free to do so and I will be more than happy to work with you and share any and all my art work with you and even help promote your Blog Here!!! Ok? Ok.  And with all this said, here is....
This Blog's New Listings For....
December 14, 2013
Hangover Haven (Removed)
Male Protection (Re-Opened moved to Tumblr)
Man's Wonderland (Removed)
Marcio Dantas (Removed)
Pangfamous (Removed)
Smoke and Contemplation (Re-Opened new address)
The Black Centaur (Re-Opened)
Videos Crioulo Brasil (Removed again)
#1 English Translation (The CURIOUS SEX) Of A Portuguese Blog
Today's Listings were supplied by, Albert, Andy, BigOne4U, Clifford, Ernest, Gene, Jimmie, Norm, Phillip, Ralph, Russell, Ted, Theodore, Walter and (3) other Unknown (Blog Followers) that did not want their names highlight. And I Thank ALL OF YOU Guys for taking the time to sharing what You know so That All of Us Know The Same!!!
And sadly to say, there are now (4,047) Blogs on The Master List and You can see the complete list by clicking on the following...
So Blog Owners!!!
For Your Just Never Know
With Google???
Need Help With This? Then Click (Here)
Backup Your Blog each time you Post to it before you see Your Blog's Name on the Next Posting!!! It fast and easy to do and Your Blog Fans will be so glad you have, when You Open Up Your Replacement Blog!!!
And If You're A Blog Visitor....and
You're Looking For Your Favorite Blog???
And Can Not Find It because it has been "Closed, Removed Or Deleted" by Google!!! Well I'm are happy to report that (334) of them have been re-opened either here at Google Blogger's or on another Service known as "WordPress"or they now have their "Own Domain".
So Guys, either check out The Master List and hopefully You will find one of YOUR Favorite Blog(s) that has been Re-opened.....:) and Your Favorite Blog Owner didn't give up because of what Google is doing to OH SO MANY BLOGS!! OR.... You can simply click on the following Button to see the complete Re-opened Blog Role!!!
And whether You're a Blog Owner or You're A Blog Visitor or You're Both click (Here) to report YOUR information about a Google Blog and see Your Blog And/Or Your Name Highlighted here on the next Posting!!!  Thanking You if you do.
Your Blogger Buddy Always, Brent


Your French Patrick said...

Hi my, friend. My blog "frenchpatrick" has been murdered by Tumblr when I reached the 40,000 followers. On every point that is as if it had never existed. I restarted on the 28th of October @ http://french-patrick.tumblr.com/
Yahoo (Tumblr is dead, now it's Yahoo, and it's VERY different, and not for being better) killed my blog previous "frenchpatrick". No warning, no advice, and a single automatical answer for ten messages from me. More than 10,000 hours of work down the drain. Tumblr said that my blog was a marketing one, while I have never win a cent. LOL, in fact one time in three years a check of $50, but the banks (mine and the bank of the website) fees and the change fees caused a debit upper to the credit. More exactly they said "a mainly marketing blog" while it was only a post out of 24, and I know a lot of blogs where it's 100% which have no problem for many years. It is a dilemma, if we do not put a link towards the owner of the site it is a violation of copyright, if we put one it is of the marketing and they are both forbidden. In your opinion, how much there would be of photos on their 23 million blogs if nobody ever uploaded anything and if everybody made only reblogs? No photo has no author. No author accepts that we publish his photos without putting a link towards his website. Then, only a handful of selfies? Another important point: when Blogger change something in its instructions for use, it sends an e-mail to every webmaster in advance, while Yahoo believe that everybody re-read its nstructions for use every day.
I think that the real reason is that my blog had become too big with its 37,000 posts (of which a lot with ten heavy gifs), its 40,000 followers, its most than reblogs 3,000 a day. The hosting is free for us, not for them. They earn money from it by other ways than to make us pay for it, otherwise, for instance, Yahoo would not have bought them for more than a billion. But there is a threshold beyond of which a blog costs to them more that it give their money back to them. That's also why there are so much limitations: no more than 70 upload per day, no more than 5 minutes for a video, no more than 5.000 blogs followed, etc., etc. Then these hypocrites said that I made of the marketing. On the other paw (as says my dog) no, they are not stupid, only bastards in bad faith for whom business is businesst, and they are anything but selfless.
Wishing you a LOVE-ly day with my best regards.

Brent said...

Thanks for all the information about Tumblr/Yahoo Patrick, I was so hoping things would have gotten better after Yahoo bought Tumblr, but it sounds like it hasn't. Oh well, all we can do is keep trying and hoping for the best. Your Blogger Buddy Always, (Brent)

Your French Patrick said...

I don'want to be too talkative, but I add that they don't warn us when they don't want to hear what we can say. If it's a problem of copyright for instance, they ask if we can prove that we have an authorisation, but in the same time they give us a link to the post that they have already destroyed and which doesn't exist anymore. And they say that if it happens too often we risk to have our blog deleted but they never say how many is too much, even if you ask for it. Anyway, as well this kind of problem or the new crime to have a merchant blog (because there is a link which is no more that what we can have by typing the watermark in the search bar of Google for instance), it does not affect their purse, contrary to a too heavy blog. A reblog is only a link which weighs a pinch of Kb, a photoset of gifs 10 can weighs 20Mb.
Blogger, Tumblr or another, it's not a problem of porn or not or of gay or not. Nothing exists for them but their god, the money. Give them a billion dollars and you'll will allowed to shit on their faces, and they will thank you for both.
I have is a synchronized backup copy of more than 37,000 of my old posts and of all the new ones, on a blog where the hosting is for free with a limitation. I pay about $60 per year for an unlimited hosting but I have never had a single one problem of all those found by Tumblr. This (= to pay) explaining that (= to have no problem).
Best regards, my dear friend.

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