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Friday, February 26, 2010



To answer your question:

I checked my blogs on Saturday morning, February 20, but they had disappeared. All of them had suddenly and arbitrarily been deleted.  Not only that, my entire account -- my ENTIRE account for those blogs -- had been shut down and eliminated.  In other words, suddenly and without warning, I had absolutely no access to my blogs, to my Gmail account, or to my paid Picase account.  Everything was totally wiped out.  
(One note:  the Gmail account for my blogs was private and entirely separate from the email account I'm using for this message).  The damage is the following:
  • The Slab (successor to "The Daily Slab/TDS," which Google shut down in August 2009) -- Gone.
  • guycandi -- Gone.
  • Special Content -- Gone.
  • The J.O. - Josh Ohl -- Gone.
Of course, no specific reason was given by Google/Blogger for these stormtrooper tactics. The Nazis of Mountain View continue to hide, silently, behind the vague generalization of "Terms of Service," and that terminology will undoubtedly be a convenient excuse for the bigotry, intolerance and regressive persecution that the brownshirts at Google choose to pursue.

I have received a handful of very gracious emails from followers of "The Slab," and I am grateful to those individuals for their kind comments.

I do not know what the future holds for any work I may continue to do online. Certainly, I will have no further association with Google (in ANY fashion) or its gaspipe-swinging goons at Blogger. As a side note, I had stayed with Blogger (even after their lethal sabotage of "The Daily Slab" in August 2009) for one reason alone:  the superior functionality of Picasa for managing and posting images -- and let's face it, images are what it is all about in this conversation. Alas, I am not aware of any decent competitor to Picasa, but I certainly wish there were. If anyone wants to recommend a better (or comparable) photo-uploading program for blogs, I am all ears.

My experience with Google now stands as a vivid, highly detailed case study of the blatant abuse of power by a thoroughly monopolistic American company.  Google cooly asserts that 
"You can make money without doing evil," but that statement is a lie designed to grease the speeding wheels of the company's unending greed. The smirking boys who rule the Googleplex are, indeed, street thugs and bigoted engineers who have absolutely no respect for anything but advertising revenues. The assassination of multiple gay-oriented blogs is living proof of that. In short, Google now makes the blockheads at Microsoft look like saints.

And yet Google continues to get away with it, scot-free. Their monopoly thrives in today's Amerika. Eric Schmidt publicly licks the President's rear-end. More to the point -- Google's targeted wipeout of gay-oriented blogs is as real and present as any modern-day Nazi "pogrom" can possibly be. Achtung! It's Kristallnacht every night in Mountain View!

Anyone who continues to believe the simplistic Google mantra, 
"Don't be evil," needs to have their head examined. In my humble opinion, to which I am entitled, Google executives and managers are dishonorable (as we continue to see in China), and they are worse than disrespectful (as we continue to see in minority communities). And yet they go unchallenged. 

I'm sure there are all kinds of ways of disagreeing with what I'm saying. Fine.  Knock yourselves out. But the fact is, what I'm saying is true. And while we are told that the truth will set you free, I firmly believe that the truth will get you mugged and brutalized online.

Thank you,

The Slabber


butch said...


panerix said...

here's a tip, but i don't know if it still works with Blogger >> normally when your blog has been shut down only the editor can still see his blog an edit it of course, if this is the case, you can delete your blog and leave the blog name free to use again, so first you take a copy of your blog (you'll find a way to export your blog as a file and store on your HDD, so first do this) and then you make a new account with the same name as the blog you deleted, and import the file you just have saved on your HD, if this trick still works you 'll have your blog reinstored in a matter of a few minutes work, in the worst case that you don't want anything to do with Blogger you can import the saved files on a new server like f.ex. Nibblebit, Sensualwriter, Wordpress etc ... in fact this is the way I run Bambiboyz for the moment, I make a post on Blogger pictures included and copy it to Sensualwriter and I can view exactly the same post on that server also. Hope this helps you, take care and good luck !! Patje from Eyecatcher and Bambiboyz blogs

Anonymous said...

@panerix....that's true is the blog has been locked, but not if it has been deleted. Once deleted, the owner has no access. I do appreciate your input because it is important for folks to know what they can do and what they can't do.
With The Slabber's permission, I am attempting to find out if Slabber has any recourse to recover anything.
Your point about back up is very important. I recommended it months ago here on this blog.
BTW, your trick does still work!

panerix said...

@Jeff ... thx for the update, like i said i've had no experience with a completely deleted blog so far :)), only thing i can recommend to Bloggers is to make a backup and export your blog every week or so on your HD in that case there's always something you can recover, what I also did is to make several accounts who can act as external editors for your main account (you can admit other accounts to edit your main account), in that case your picture files are not all on one place and if they close your main account there's still a lot left on the other accounts so that you don't loose everything in one time. Needless to say you have to spend a bit of time to do all this but loosing everything gives you more stress i think !! :)) take care mates and keep blogging !!

Anonymous said...

@panerix....another trick I learned: if one opens a new g-mail account and a new blog related to this new account, one can preserve all Picasa images by using this "dummy blog" as the storage for all images. By backing this dummy blog up, all picasa images will be saved provided one uploads all images as if they were blog postings. Just make the blog "silent" by not having it picked up by search engines in the set up area. One can upload images by category using edit function of "blog posts" and preserve them all by constant back ups.

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