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Monday, May 17, 2010


The following blogs have been deleted. It is unknown at this time if the blogs have been voluntarily deleted by the owner, or if the blogs have been deleted by Google Blogger.

If you are the owner, or if you know the owner's email address, please contact me at:

  1. 888surplus888
  2. Adam's Candid (two)
  3. Adda4gayporn
  4. Amateur Gay Photos
  5. Bat n Balls
  6. Bater Bud Blog
  7. Bears-tche
  8. Bend Over Country
  9. Bitchboy Blog
  10. Boy Fun
  11. Boy Next Door
  12. Boy's Hardcore Video
  13. Camera Obscura
  14. Colt Deses Gregos
  15. Cool College Guys (**NEW LISTING**)
  16. Cum Chronicals
  17. Dan's Public Gay Sex
  18. Dickshownary
  19. Gay Bare Plaisirs
  20. Gay Boys Action
  21. Gay En Chaleur
  22. Gay Movies Free
  23. Gayest Str8 Guy, The
  24. Get Ur Pantz On
  25. Gifted Male
  26. Gorgeous Muscle Guy
  27. Hermaphrodite Endormi
  28. Homens Maduros2/Mature Men 2
  29. Homens Sensuals
  30. Hot Men Appreciation Society
  31. Hot Men 4 Hot Men
  32. Hugh Cocks No Jokes
  33. Jacko's Man
  34. Just Male Model
  35. Just Sum Boyz
  36. Kinky Fuckers
  37. MC Jock
  38. Men 4 Men
  39. Mex Hot
  40. Morning Woody
  41. Narach Sharing Blog
  42. Out of Control
  43. Real Men Two
  44. Simply Sweet
  45. Skinf
  46. Stud A Day
  47. Tim Kelly Blog
  48. Twinks On Cam
  49. L'univers de Janus
  50. Young Gay Love
  51. Weezie's Boys
  52. XXX Movies, Memoirs, and More
  53. Zak's World O Sex

Deleted by Google Blogger and then re-opened by Google Blogger:
  1. All Jacked Up
  2. Cosmo+
  3. Definition of a Man
  4. Gay Titus
  5. Guy Candi
  6. Guys Naked in Public
  7. Homens Negros (**NEW LISTING**)
  8. Hungary Boy
  9. Into Pits
  10. IO qUE un gAy qUieRe
  11. Roids and Rants
  12. Soft and Hard Gay Pictures
  13. Special Content
  14. The Slab

Deleted by Google Blogger & re-opened by blog owner at new addy:

Deleted by Google Blogger according to blog owner:
  1. Gay Desires
  2. Maxe Gatos
  3. Naked and Ready to Serve

Deleted by owner:
  1. Butt Boys
  2. Naked Boy Chronicles
  3. Soft On The Island


Trickle Down BS said...

Google is out of control...53 of them...will mine be next? thanks for all you do.

vcholo72 said...

Hi Jeff,
here is my new report on what happens on my bloglist:
1. The blog http://overourhead.blogspot.com has dissapeared.
2. Just to tell anybody that the webmaster of the blog http://malepwr.blogspot.com had to delete all the pics he had on his blog. it was a blog dedicated to the men of colt. And Colt came along that he was posting the pics,and wrote him to delete them otherwise he would have to cope with juristic problems while violating copyright.



Jeff said...

Trickle Down: Thanks, man!

Jeff said...

Franz: Thanks as always, dude. Over Our Head has re-opened and I have posted it as such along with a separate post of what the owner had to say.
I also posted the Colt letter to Male Power so bloggers know the possible result of copyright infringement.

Hope you are well & enjoying the springtime!

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