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Monday, April 11, 2011

Wayne's Nude Musicians has been shuttered!

Five Years on Blogger and Wayne's blog is removed!  Here is part of his story:

hey jeff!
i have decided i am not gonna pursue getting my blog back or even my old e-mail address. i talked to someone else about this and have found out that the process of getting your blog back can sometimes take weeks. even though i put ten years into this project and really had nothing backed up.
please change the status of my site to "removed" which is what it officially is. my mirror site is pretty much a ghost site as i of course lost my Picasa account, too and that's where the pics were mirrored from. (wish i had downloaded more of the albums from there. but what's done is done.)
i don't have the time or energy left for this anymore.
i am looking at it this way: Wayne's Nude Musicians had a ten year run - 5 years on MSN groups before they dumped all their adult sites and then 5 years on blogger. and a ten year run on the internet is sort of like "the mary tyler moore show" of blogs. i just wish i had figured a way to take a snapshot of the whole blog on a little disc i could've kept as a souvenir to remember the time i was a blogger.
i hope my decision does not make you think me "ball-less"... for me the last straw was in nightcruzzr's messsages. when he kept referencing "pornography". if adult content and pornography are not synonymous... obviously blogger and i cannot be on the same page.
again, thanks for your help!


Wayne continues the nude musicians in his blog, blue guitar, on Tumblr.  Visit his site at:

Keep on bloggin'


Dude said...

I've listedy you on my site. I just had a blog deleted after about a year of requesting review. It was called Dude's Sex Life. I had it up for three years or so. I kept requesting review, but never received an email explanation as Google says they're supposed to do. They must've got tired of me re-requesting a review, because they just deleted it. Nice, eh?

Kent said...

http://doyoulovemymen.blogspot.com/ is down, but the message is
We're sorry, but we were unable to complete your request.

When reporting this error to Blogger Support or on the Blogger Help Group, please:

Describe what you were doing when you got this error.
Provide the following error code and additional information.



Brent said...

Hey Kent, happy to report to you that whatever the problem was, it appears to have been fixed!!! For I am able to get http://doyoulovemymen.blogspot.com/ to open for me this morning with Firefox 4.0. But thanks for taking the time to let us know of another possible blog being closed. Blogger Hugs To You (Brent)

Stuart said...

I can get there as well Kent

If it's a bX error I usually find that clicking back or refreshing solves the problem.

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