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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

DOJ And FBI Being Sued, Once Again!!!

For Every Action, There Usually Is A Re-Action and this time it is "The Good" that are starting to stand up for their rights against "The Bad" and "The Ugly" for the take down of Megaupload by and The USA DOJ and The FBI, for they are...has shown here....
Yes Blog Buddies, Hundreds, up on Hundreds, up on Hundreds of former Megaupload Members, "The Good" have ALL joined together from around the world and are now SUING The FBI and The USA Department Of Justice for all their LEGAL Files to be returned to them or to be compensated for ALL their losses!!!
For The FBI and The DOJ has caused incalculable amount of damage, far, far more in excess of the losses claimed by the content lobbies, in this fruitless attempt to prevent access to the media content hosted on Megaupload, some of which they claim to have been infringing on copyright under USA law.  However, much of the alleged unlawful content is still available via other services on the web.  And while this action not only shows us the futility of these measures but also serves as a reminder that not all these files are not necessarily, nor have every even been shown to be, illegal in any country in the first place, including the USA!!!!  And when you stop and think about this guys, they are SO RIGHT and They Are Going To WIN and THERE ARE GOING TO WIN BIG TIME!!!
Let me give You just one of Oh so many examples WHY.  Let's say you went and rented a storage locker in the town that you live in and placed all Your resent deceased Mother's & Father's precious belongings from their home within that Storage Locker after they have passed away and you're paying the monthly storage bill each and every month till You decide what to do with everything.  Now let's also say that the Owner of All The Storage Lockers that you are renting Your Storage Locker from is arrested either by the Federal Government or by a State Government for what they feel is some kind of illegal activity, Oh let's say, maybe drugs or illegal weapons or so something like that and let's also say that much of these illegal whatever's were also being stored in many of the Property Owner's Own Storage Lockers and either the Federal Government or a State Government Agency seizes ALL the Owner's Storage Property!!!  Do any of YOU really think that the Federal Government or a State Government Agency has the right to be able to keep everything within ALL The OTHER Storage Lockers, Of Course NOT!!!  That would be totally absurd!!!  For any Government Agency that just seized the property would contact each and everyone of Each and Every Storage Locker Renter, based upon the Properties Owner's Records that the Agency just has seized, and would contact each Storage Locker Renter saying to all of them, "Hey, the property that you are storing at.....We have just seized the Property Owner's Property For Illegal Activity and You have 30, 60, 90 Days to come get all your legal property that you are storing here"!!!  But the FBI & DOJ didn't even do that when they shut down Megaupload, NO, they just shut down Megaupload and basically saying, all members of this Web Site are just as guilt as what we feel this Web Site Owner is guilty of and everything stored here is also illegal, so it is NOW OURS!!!
Well this is just simply Wrong and all these Lawsuits against the FBI & DOJ are going to WIN and there are thousands!!!  For after all, All "The Good" Member's Of Megaupload are just fighting to get their "Mother's & Father's Personal Property" Back, well sort of speaking in this case, for this posting!  Well you know what I'm trying to say here guys, the FBI & DOJ are just simply wrong in trying to stop piracy in this case by seizing everyone's files.

And while the DOJ Is not always RIGHT in what they try to do, for they have been sued before and lost big time so many times before.  Just Do a Google Search On This One, You Will Be Surprise At How Many Law Suits They Have Lost and have had to pay out thousands, upon thousands of USA tax payers DOLLARS to settle these lawsuits of their wrong doing!!  Everything about the Megaupload take down, like I just said before, is just so WRONG!!!  And I'm so afraid that We USA Tax Payer's are going to have to foot the Bill On This ONE once AGAIN for their Wrong Doing!!!
Just One last thing on this one and that is to "Unknown" that has left a comment here on this blog before, about Our Blog, along with the previous Postings On DOJ that you have forwarded,  Well you can do so once again, but I really, really do believe that they already know that they are being SUED and that they are really just trying there best to figure out the cheapest way out of all this mess that they have started in the first place, rather than hearing from You!  But if you still feel the need to do so again, well you might also like to forward this one also, for this is where I got this story from in the first place Unknown @ (Media Beat).  We Here just love goody two shoes like You that are trying to saving the world!  But the bigger Questions is, "At WHO'S EXPENSE????
Thanks once again for hearing me out on this one Blogger Buddies and I'm so sorry for being so long winded on this, but it is just something that I thought that so many of YOU might like to KNOW about and I for sure will keep you up-to-date on this ONE!!!!  For after all,  Web Sits and Google Blogs that are shut down is what We Are All About Here, with a sprinkling of Re-opened One's once in awhile!!!! (((( Big SMILE ))))  And now here is....
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Anonymous said...

Excellent analogy that one of the ma and pa property. Everyone should be outraged.

Brent said...

Thanks Raulito, while Jeff and I are trying our very best to not only keep all of You up-to-date on Closed Google Blogs, we also are trying our very best to keep all of You up-do-date on what is going on on the Net. And you are so right, we should ALL be so outraged about this, but at least there is a good start by the hundreds and hundreds, up on hundreds that have filed their Lawsuits against the Government!!! And while all the goody two shoes around the world think that they are saving the world, they don't realize that these kind of actions are hurting far, far more of innocent, than "The Bad" and "The Ugly" are being stop!!!!....And just one more thing Raulito, as reported by NBC Nightly News the other night, did you know that you can buy any kind of GUN, any wherein the USA, via the Internet WITHOUT A BACKGROUND CHECK? That is right and what in the hell is DOJ doing about this??? Not a DAM Thing!!! Yet Haven forbid someone can download a video or a song and they shut down those web sites, while Web Sites that are selling GUNS to ANYONE, ANYWHERE so they can go out and KILL HUMAN LIFE, They do nothing about!!!! Way to go DOJ, I feel so much safer now in this country knowing that Your priority is in protecting the Video and Music Industry, rather than USA Citizens Life's!!! Can I say any more, sure can, but I think not. Your Blogger Buddy Always...(Brent)

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