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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Meet One of Our Many Supporters: Big Whack Attack

Big Whack Attack
has been a loyal supporter of our blog.
He not only has a link to our blog but he also has the Counter of Shame posted in his sidebar!

Click to View Big Whack Attack and tell him Jeff & Brent sent you!

Thanks for supporting our blog and helping make Blogger a better place for gay content blogs!

Keep on Bloggin'
Jeff & Brent


whkattk said...

Aw... Thanks, guys! I really appreciate this. You two do great work - I'd have to say, it is due to your efforts that Blogger now informs an owner of an infraction and provides an opportunity to clear the problem, rather than just shutting down a blogsite.

Brent said...

Hey whkattk, better known as "Big Whack Attack", Thank You so much for Your most kind words and while Yes, Google has built it's most impressive Internet Empire on Internet Communications, it is great to finally hear that Google is communicating with Blog Owner's of any kind of an infraction and providing the Blog Owner to clear them up. This is BY FAR a major step on Google's Part to finally start doing things the RIGHT WAY, in my opinion, along with their New Algorithm that is closing few Blogs, and that is by COMMUNICATING WITH BLOG OWNER'S!!!! Again, thanks for all your Love & Support that you have shared with Our Blog. Your Blogger Buddy (Brent)

CoreyJo said...

One of my favorite all time blogs!! LOVE YOU Whkattk!!


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