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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Meet Four Of Our Many Supporters....

WOW Blog Fans, for those of You that may have noticed that last Wednesday Posting, "Something New" had moved all the way to the top of the list in "Our Most Popular Postings In The Last 30 Days" by Friday morning, well I'm so very happy to report to You that it was only because last Wednesday and Thursday this Blog got MORE Hits in a Single Day than ever BEFORE!!!  WOW, WOW and WOW and do Thank all of YOU that did stop by to check out what was new.  And based upon the number of e-mails, so many of you liked what you saw and some even asked, "How did I make the Photos Click-able within the Slide Show?" and I was more glad to share it with them.  So if You are a Blog/Web Site Owner and You would like to have the simply few lines of HTML Code for this Click-able Slide show on your site that is fully customizable, with some great whistles and bells so that you can use it in a Posting, like I am here or in your side bar.  For the only limitations I see to this one is the limitations of one's own mind in how to use it.  Well feel free to send me an e-mail at bloggerclosegayblogs@gmail.com and in the Subject Line type in "Slide Show Code Please" so I will know that Your not a spammer and I will send it to you ASAP.  Also would You please include your site address, for I would like to follow up and see what you have created with it and hopefully be able to Highlight your site here.  OK? Ok, And with this said, now I would like you to meet (Four) More Of Our Many Supporters.... 
(Note: Please Be Advised That All X-Rated Images Have)
(Been Altered For Posting Here And Are Not Displayed)
(This Way When Visiting Any Of The Above Blogs)
And You will find ALL of them....   
(In Our Supporter Section)
(Section #2)
Boner ... xxl (With Link Exchange)
Dreams of Naughtiness (With Link Exchange)
Mature Male in Action (With Link Exchange)
THE NAUGHTY PUNDIT (With Link Exchange)
All four of these Blogs have two things in common with each other, One is that none of them have ever been close by Google since they started Blogging and Two, all of them, like all Our Supporters were smart enough to include Us within their Blog Roles so in the event that that are closed, all their Blog Fans will know where to turn to find their next Blog in the event that they have to open at a New Address.  So hoping You Visit these Blogs and if You do, leave them a comment and tell them Jeff & Brent Sent You from Google Blogger Closes Gay Blogs! Thanking You if You do.

And A Big Thank You to these (Four) Supporters that are supporting Our Blog and Our Mission of trying to make Blogger a BETTER place for gay content blogs!
Keep on bloggin' Blogger Buddies
Jeff & Brent
By Brent
PS: A Note To These (Four) Blog Owners: If by chance You found this Posting Here helpful to Your Blogs, would You think about adding Our "Counter Of Shame" to Your Blogs?  If so, just click (Here) and let Me know that You have done so, and then I will move Your Blog Link into Our 1st Section with a top priority listing that includes a thumbnail of the top photo of Your Last Posting that for sure will help the Blog Traffic keep coming your way....((( Big Smile )))....Just a thought?
News Bulletin....{CLOTHING OPTIONAL LIVING} Has Been Added As A New Supporter And His Link Is Now In Section #1 Of Our Supporter Section..... :):)

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