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Friday, September 11, 2009


Goal:  To see if you can close my new blog by filing a complaint using the NavBar.

  1. Go to my new blog:   http://myboyboyboy.blogspot.com
  2. Using the NavBar on top, go to "Flag Blog" and complete the complaint form.  
  3. Return each day and file another complaint.
  4. Do not list this blog on your blogs.  I want each hit to be a complaint.  I don't want visitors who do not file a complaint.

I have a counter and a globe on the site.  They will keep track of how many visits the blog receives.  DO NOT VISIT THIS BLOG UNLESS YOU ALSO FILE A COMPLAINT!!!

I know you all have better things to do, but please humor me on this request.



Gayparadox Media said...

Good idea. I flagged you twice with two different reasons. I just hate uranus! Oh and yes.. You didn't spoil my fun! =)

Anonymous said...

LOL Now that's my boy's anus you're talking about. Don't pick on my boy or his anus!

Big hug,

Anonymous said...

Jeff -
I will be complaining about you myboyboyboy blog each and every day until BLOGGER SHUTS YOU DOWN!! :-)

Please be sure to keep us updated as to what - if anything - happens.

In the meantime, another blog that I follow has already put in a contingency plan - he has already started moving over to nibblebit...the existing blog is kinkpage.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

@ ROBCHRIS Thanks. We will see if this works. I will keep everyone updated.

Glad to know about kinkpage. I luv the boy's blog!


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