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Monday, January 17, 2011

Hi To All Fellow Blog Owners And All Fellow Blog Fans!
While I have shared my thoughts and opines with Oh So Many of you before, they were all shared with you as a visitor of this Blog, but since Jeff, the owner of this Blog, excepted my offering and announced to All of You as His Co-Author back on September 15, 2010, well I have been somewhat silent and just doing my twice a week postings of mostly grim news of all the closed Blogs to all of you as Co-Author and trying my best to come up with some new clever clip art work to bring this grim news to you in each and every posting, with just some brief comments once in awhile!
And while Jeff's original plans for this Blog was that if He was able to pull "Google Blogger's" panties down far enough each week, sort of speak, by exposing what they were/are doing to OH So Many Blogs, well just maybe things might get changed.
Well My Fellow Blog Owners and Fellow Blog Fans, that was back on August 15, 2009, when Jeff first started this Blog and sadly to say, things have not gotten any better, at least not in my opine, in fact I think things have even gotten a whole lot worse for ALL BLOG OWNERS!!!  Whether they are Straight or Gay!!!  For there are currently 45,152 different postings on Google Blogger's Forum, "Something Is Broken" asking for HELP.  This alone should tell ALL of You, there is a BIG problem and the Google employee staff is having a very, very hard time try to keeping up with them all!!!
And while Jeff and I have been exchanging several ideas of what to do with this Blog, how to do it within this Blog and what would be the best thing to do for ALL GAY BLOG OWNERS IN THIS NEW YEAR!!!  Well Jeff came up with this wonderful idea that I think it is so Great and that is for ALL OF US to GO "Pro-Active", rather than what we have being doing now for Oh so long now!!!   So I came up with this idea and that is "Brent Speaks Out" as His Co-Author.... For the first time, to introduce His idea to You!!!
So the following is to ALL GAY BLOG OWNERS!!!  With a follow up to All Gay Blog Visitors!!!
First for All Gay Blog Owners, what do you say that we all start off this New Year in Better Way and Let's All Go "Pro-Active" to the approach to this problem of Google Blogger's Closing Our Kind Of Blogs and try to get more Blogs Re-opened, and here are some of My Own Personal Thoughts on going Pro-Active that I know DO work.....
#1.  If You have a Blog role on your Blog, then simply add Our Blog Link to it!!!  This way in the event something should happen to your Blog at sometime in the future, All Your Blog Fans will know where to turn to, to find your next Re-Placement Blog when YOU REPORT IT TO US!!!  After all, the next best thing to knowing something is knowing were to find it.  And Yes I know what your saying, "Well what is going to happen if this blog should get shut down!!!"  Oh I'm so looking forward to the day when that HAPPENS!!!  For there is NO WAY it can be considered a spamming blog, for there are no links on it other than to other blogs!!!  And if it did, well then Jeff and I would know for sure that we were singled out and I would simple open up Our Backup Blog and tell ALL WHAT GOOGLE HAS DONE!!!  Beside that, I have complete backups for each and every posting, along with all YOUR COMMENTS and I would also then re-open this Blog Up in a heart beat on another Service that several other Services have already re-quested that we do!!!  (Now This Is What I Call Pro-Active)
#2. Each and Every Time you post a posting to your Blog, export your Blog to your hard drive!!!  I hear this one ALL THE TIME!!!  My Last Backup was (3) months ago, what do I do now???!!!   DAH!!!  It just takes a few minutes guys!!!  So get into the habit of doing this and DO IT EACH AND EVERY TIME YOU POST A POSTING!!! (Now This Is What I Call Pro-Active, Even Better)
#3. If you haven't already created a stand-by Blog as a private Blog on Google or a twin/mirror Blog on Another Service!!! This is a MUST in my opine!!!  While Jeff has given all of us the steps to go through to try and get a Blog Restored, this is where Jeff and I have completely different opines on this matter!!!  My thinking is why and wait, for God Only Knows For How Long, if your original Blog is even going to get Re-Opened!!!  When all you have to do is change your stand-by private Blog to a Public Blog and your Back Up and Running Once Again!!  Beside that, your original Blog that has just been shut down is now taking up space on the Google Blooger's System that is only acceptable to GOOGLE themselves for the next six months!!!  Mean while you have moved on with the same Blog that you had before, only under a new address!!!!! (((Now This Is What I Really Call Pro-Active)))
And while some of you may be saying to your-self's, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, this may all sound good for a Posting on this Blog Brent, but does it really work?  Well Guys, A perfect example of this just happened last week when Nick, the owner of (The New Organ Between My Ears) when e-mailed us and said in part.....
"Blogger has locked my blog ('The Organ Between My Ears' - http://nickwallacesmith.blogspot.com) a few days ago as spam as the result of using it said automated detection software - they say they'll review and unlock the blog if it's not spam - but I'm not holding my breath, cos one of their criteria for 'spam' is 'distributing porn' - I see myself as sharing between other like-minded people rather than distributing in any commercial sense.  I've had a back-up new blog waiting in the wings for this eventuality, with everything backed up from the old blog ...
And beside that,  my fellow Blog Owners, He also had "Our Blog Link" in His Blog Role, so when I received His e-mail, I immediately added a News Flash Bulletin to Our Blog's Current Posting for Him of His New Blog and added His New Blog Link In Our "All Re-Opened Blog Role" section and none of His Blog Fans missed one Single Posting of His on His New Blog. (((( Now That  Is TOTAL Pro-Active In It's Latest Form My Fellow Blog Owners )))) 
So Blog Owners, I know that many of you are worried if your Blog is still going to be up and running when you wake up tomorrow morning, and maybe it will and then again, maybe it won't,  but you all have to start thinking about having a "BACKUP PLAN" for what your going to do if your Blog does get closed.  And while these 3 steps that I just shared with you have worked for me when My Wallpaper Blog got shut down last June, and they worked for Nick, just this last week for Him, well they can also work for YOU!!!  So it is with my Greatest Of Hopes that this posting to all Gay Blog Owners is not falling on deaf ears and that you at least do steps 1 & 2!!!, but it is highly recommend You do all 3!!!!
And Now for all Blog VISITORS!!!  What Can You Do???  Well You ALL can also Help,  And in a Very Big Way to help keep YOUR Favorite Blog(s) on line for You to keep visiting week after week and Yes I Know what your saying, "What Can I Do?"!!!  Well for one, if your favorite blog(s) has/have a Blog Role on it/them and you don't see Our Blog Link within it, and if there is a way to e-mail the owner of your favorite blog(s), well then let them know of Our Blog and ask them to add Our Blog Link to their Blog Role, for one and for two, let them know of this posting!!!  Or if there isn't an Emailing address to contact them, then post a comment on His latest Posting to the Owner telling Him how much you enjoy His Blog and that you want to be able to find it in the Future if it should go through the misfortune of getting closed and ask Him to add Our Blog Link.  (((( Now That Would Be The Ultimate Pro-Active Approach To This Problem ))))  And it would be done, not by a Gay Blog Owner, But by a Gay Blog Visitor and that in my eyes, carries far, far more weight that anything ELSE!!!   
So with all this said, Please remember while Jeff and I are here 24/7 for ALL GAY BLOG OWNERS AND ALL GAY BLOG FANS and it is with Highest of Hopes that ALL GAY BLOG OWNERS and ALL GAY BLOG FANS start to take upon themselves a more Pro-Active approach to this problem that is not going away, nor, not getting any BETTER!!!!
Your Co-Author
Brent Here
Speaking Out for the 1st Time since becoming Co-Author
PS:  And I have added something New on Our Blog in the top of Our Side Bar and that being two Polls for You to cast your Votes In that best describes what your doing after reading this Posting.  One being for All Gay Blog Owners and the other being for All Gay Blog Visitors and You can be both!.  These will remain open for the next Week and close on Sunday 23rd at midnight.
But meanwhile, Any and All comments on this subject would be Greatly Appreciated from ALL, and looking forward to see how You All Vote and the voting is open to all of You to see as well.


Anonymous said...

Wow Brent, tired several times to login through with my AOL Account to leave you this comment, but couldn’t get in, but then again I’m talking about Google, what else can’t they do right, so got in though as Anonymous!!!! Anyway so great to hear from you once again and just wanted to let you know that I keep coming back twice a week just to check out your Art Work, they are always GREAT!!! While you bring me mostly grim news twice a week, these are your words, you do bring some good news once in awhile and you do it in such away that it keeps me coming back twice a week just to check my current Blog Role! Love everything that you have said, and while this Blog as been in my Blog Role since I first found you, I’m going to start reaching out to all my favorite Blog Owners that I visit and let them know of this Blog, I never even thought of that before!!! God I hope that Jeff’s plan of going “Pro-active” helps!!! Thank You, Thank You and Thank You to both of You, for all you are doing!!!! Patrick

PS: Oh, one more thing, I voted in your Poll as a Blog Owner and as a Blog Visitor!!! Oh so looking forward to see how many others do also??? But most Blog Polls Brent don’t work worth a sh.., you know what I mean, I tried them on my Blog and hardly anyone even bothers to vote!!! The ONLY thing they click on are naked pictures of MEN or something that will take them to THEM!!!..…but then again, this blog is somewhat different and just maybe you will get more to votes than others!!!

Brent said...

Hey Patrick, thanks for your kind words and I’m sorry to hear about your problem of logging in via AOL, and you are right, it’s not our Blog that is the cause of this problem, but it is once again Google not taking care of even the smallest of its problems!! For I have just notice that Jeff’s, the Blog’s owner’s picture is no longer showing up in any of His own thumbnail pictures on any comment’s anymore, while it is still appearing in His Profile, not on any comments on this Blog, nor on my Wallpaper Blog where He as left comments before, yet another of the smallest of problems Google is not taking care of!! But yet they keep shutting down Blogs. With that said Patrick, I’m so glad to hear from you and that you figured out a way to get through to us and you’re enjoying the work that I’m doing here. And Yes, Jeff and I do put a lot of work into this blog, not only in the clip art work I do for each and every posting that you are seeing, but also all the up-dating to Our Master List(s) for each posting, plus Jeff and I are also answering all the e-mails back and forth between OH so many!!! But you know what Patrick, Jeff and I Love what we are doing, and we feel we are helping OUT OH, SO MANY!!!!....LIKE YOU.

And for your comment on the current Polls I just have added, well, Patrick you maybe RIGHT on this one, sorry to say, for the Polls now have been open for a day now, with over 1,200 visitor’s, and only 6 Blog Owners having voted and 4 Blog Visitors having voted and You being one of each, Well while I was hoping for OH So Much MORE, I’m afraid your so RIGHT Patrick!!! My Next Poll, if any, I will try to include some pictures of a Naked Man for each of them to “Click On”….((( Big Smile )))…maybe that would WORK?

Anonymous said...

Patrick, I had to reply also! I'm the first to admit that this blog was visually boring when it was just myself posting all the sites. I have little aptitude for PIZAZZ (except,perhaps, in bed). Brent has transformed this blog. He puts a tremendous amount of time and energy into this blog and it shows. We still offer help to bloggers if they contact us. We still offer information to visitors who want to find out about a particular blog. And we still provide a slap in the ass to Google/Blogger who needs to come up with a better way to determine if a blog is spam before it is closed. Google whines that they are doing the best they can. Well, I say do better. There is absolutely no reason for people to have their blogs turned off because a google algorithm isn't refined enough. All I can say is keep working on it, Google/Blogger staff. In the mean time, Brent and I will keep this fantastic blog going!
Patrick, thanks for all your support. Bloggers like YOU make this project of our worth our time and effort! You rock, Patrick!!

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