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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tell Blogger What You Think!

Blogger's response to recent closing of gay blogs, 


Bloggers & viewers, don't be such wimps!  Let Blogger know what you think of these mass closings.  Click this link and POST SOMETHING!  NOW!!!


NG said...

"Nitercruzer" was the same person who told me when I was having my blogger issues that Google was too busy to do anything because they're adamant about their weekends off.

Jeff said...

Yes, I know. Why don't you click the link and leave a message, a thought, and idea, a curse....anything!

NG said...


Jeff said...

NG - Thanks, man! I sure wish more dudes would speak up like you!

Suf n Steve said...


what is wrong with being open and being GAY!

i missed mikey from http://soitsgettingbetter.blogspot.com/

Micky said...

Thanks Steve!

I've left a message on that Blogger Help page, Jeff and feel much better having had a decent rant!

So it was all lies nitecruzer was talking - Google have said not a single word to me about why they tried to wipe me from their world so I can only conclude that I was some sort of 'passive Spammer'. Why don't you ask him?

For now I'm just going to continue helping Malcolm with 'Leaving the Grey Room' on Wordpress coz that's a project which affects gay and not gay people just the same.

Keep up the good work guyz!

Jeff said...

Thanks for posting to the Google Help thread. At least you guys aren't wimps.

Encourage others to post. It brings the thread back up to the front and there must be hundreds, if not thousands of you guys out there. Just tell blogger what you think. One sentence is fine; an entire story is fine too. Just do it guys.

NG said...

Someone on that Blogger Help forum wrote that "GayAndy," one of the blogs that got purged, is now on Tumblr.

Good for Andy. And shame on Blogger. From what I've seen of that blog, Andy's living a very difficult life and his only access to the LGBT community is thru his PC. And fucking Blogger took that away.


Trickle Down BS said...

Hi guys:
I thought I write you a little note about something that is disturbing as well. It is not just Google attacking blogs; it is also hackers that render our computers inoperable.
I just got hijacked by a virus called AntiVira VS and I went to a site that offered a way to fix it. I posted the process (http://fromtop2bttm.blogspot.com/ Feb 17th)
This site may help some followers who encounter this or a similar attack.
thanks for all you do

Brent said...

Hey Raulito,

Thank You so much for taking the time to share with Us this great tip. Hoping that My AnitVirus Program catches it, but just encase it doesn't, I'm so glad to know where to turn to to fix the problem!!!

Thank You for passing on What You Know, for all of Us to Know The Same. We need more guys like you, posting help like yours!!! Thanks So Much Raulito.

Your Blogger Buddy Always
()()( Brent )()()

Jeff said...

NG, Gay Andy not only opened on NibbleBit, but he also got his blog re-opened on Google/Blogger.

I'm glad he's back up and running!


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