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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

BRENT: My Extraordinary Co-Author

Two years and three days ago, but who's counting, Brent offered his help after I blogged about my discouragement with this blog.  Brent has his own fantastic blog, Brent's Male Wallpapers II - Reborn, which you absolutely MUST see!  In spite of all the time and effort he puts into his own blog, he offered to help me with this rather boring site consisting of a long list of gay content Google blogs which had been locked or deleted by Google and the few blogs which re-opened.  At the time this blog had 13 followers.

Brent, who has such an amazingly creative eye, transformed this blog into what it is today.  Because of Brent, we offer more help, we provide more news worthy information, we exchange links, we post The Counter of Shame, we produce quarterly reports, we list an in-blog button to directly notify us of a status change.  Brent brought all of these changes, and more, to an otherwise rather dry blog.

Brent is a fighter who wouldn't back down from attacks launched by another blog owner who tried to discredit our blog and take us down.  Well, we're still here to bring you our Oh-So-Fabulous Blog and ended up with a home made video which is a hoot-and-a-half to watch.

Brent took this blog from 13 to 700+ followers; 1,000 hits a week to 2,000+ a DAY; and a visual joy to read.

I will always be grateful to Brent for his creativity, tech knowledge, time, and effort.  We have become true blogging Buddies as a result of this joint effort.

Thanks, Brent!  We make a great team!

And, Dear Viewer, we do it all for YOU!



Anonymous said...

Yes indeed, we should all be thankful to Brent and also for his awesome blog. I borrow images from it once in a while because they too are awesome.

gracias Brent

Brent said...

Ahhh Jeff, Raulito (((Blush)))(((Blush)))(((Blush))) Thanks Blogger Buddies for all Your kind words!!! It is so greatly appreciated. Your Blogger Buddy Always, (Brent)

O!Daddie said...

Sorry I missed all the fun back then, but just watched the hilarious vid and no, I never miss an opportunity to cruise gay porn and whack off.. one of Life's simple pleasures.

It's also nice to be validated once in a while, so thanks again, guys for all you do.

HUGZ from Smokey and me !!!

Javier said...

Brent and Jeff
Thank you for all you have done and how much still needs to be done!
Thanks for being here!
A friend, his friend

Daddy Jeff said...

Believe me when I say without Brent, this blog would not be here.
We have made some good friends, and I know we have helped enough people to have made this worth doing.

Thanks for your support, and Brent, thanks for being you!

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