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Sunday, March 29, 2015

A Message From The NibbleBit Team Regarding Deindexed

Hey fellow Blog Owner's and Blogger Fans I received an e-mail from the NibbleBit Team after My Posted yesterday that Google had pulled the plug on NibbleBit and All NibbleBit Gay Blogs that read....

We are aware of the issue with Google you mention in your recent blog update - but we would like to reassure you and other bloggers that NibbleBit has NOT been denied - we are simply awaiting reindexing which should be fixed within the next week or so. The problem was caused by an unforeseen issue with redirection on deleted blogs and was NOT the popunders that are used to fund the site. We responded to the issue immediately and are now just awaiting reindexing.  We have posted a detailed explanation of the issue on our NibbleBit staff blog and we would be extremely grateful if you could update your posting to avoid any confusion as we WILL be returning to Google as soon as possible.
You can read more about it on the NibbleBit Staff Blog at
Kind Regards, The NibbleBit Team"

Well to say the least Guys, this is GREAT NEWS and I do apologize to all of You for any confusion I may have caused, but when dealing with Google one just never knows anymore what is really going on!!!

And I also received another e-mail from the NibbleBit Team that read...
And while the above is only a snap shot of the e-mail, but by simply click (HERE) you can see the full size original e-mail for much easier reading and whereas all the BUTTONS Work!

Hoping this helps plant a seed or two for anyone with a Google Blog that as been thinking about opening up a BackUP Blog of your Google Blog.  And with NibbleBit IMPORT Routines it makes it so easy to do and the help staff is wonderful!!!  Very friendly and most of all very HELPFUL and always have answered all my e-mails promptly about My Wallpaper Blogs On NibbleBit!!!
Your Blogger Buddy Always, Brent
That Is Just Trying To Help In Anyway I Can!

News Bulletin (03/29)....Just Added....{Wankers Inc} Is A New Supporter With Link Exchange and this Link is in Section #2..... :)


Mor Barak Antoni said...

hi dear friend, thank you!

Brent said...

You're most welcome a{GAY}tekeeper{iam} and Antoni! So glad to hear that these posting of mine have been of help to the both of you. Your Blogger Buddy Always, (Brent)

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